Jungle Holidays in South America

Jungle Holidays in South America and Central America

Home to approximately 50% of the world’s animals, rainforests are abundant with life, from the smallest of insects to the largest of mammals. With incredible biodiversity in areas such the Amazon or the Pantanal to journey into these wild environments is to immerse yourself in some of the most rewarding travel imaginable.

Rivers, waterfalls, exotic wildlife species, are just some of the features that make it one with the most natural wealth of the planet. The Amazon and the Pantanal are two of its three ecosystems; the first, a vast and dense forest with trees over 50 meters high and a biodiversity that gives no rest to ecologists and biologists around the world, and equally varied is the Pantanal setting: a large floodplain full of river beaches, waterfalls and caves of incomparable beauty. In both places, accommodations built in harmony with the environment have been established, guiding us through a real experience with nature while providing exclusive care and services for visitors.

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