Discovery Holidays


Get outdoors on your Discovery Holidays and experience some of the most breathtaking environments that our destinations have to offer. Get up close to the animals on a “Once in a Lifetime Safari” experience, the sight of a Jaguar a few feet away from you in the Pantanal in Brazil or a fleeting glimpse of a rare Giant Otter in a lake in the Peruvian Amazon, Whale Watching on a zodiac in Penisula de Valdés in Patagonia, hiking below the jungle canopy with Howler Monkeys howling overhead in Costa Rica, Birdwatching in the Ram Tzul Ecological Reserve in Guatemala looking for the Quetzal, is a thrill which stays with you forever. See the world’s largest rainforest, the longest mountain range, the driest desert, well-preserved vestiges of the world’s greatest civilizations, Baroque cathedrals and well-organized museums, are just some of the many highlights you can discover with Tim Travel Tours.

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