Die Patagonische Atlantikküste

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Die Patagonische Atlantikküste

Patagonia Atlantic Coast

The Peninsula Valdes and the Patagonia Atlantic Coast

The numerous gulfs, bays, inlets and peninsulas along the vast Argentine shoreline of the South Atlantic are inhabited by thousands of different marine animal colonies. Due to the several ocean currents, which mix along this coast, and thanks to the relatively low traffic and fishing activity, the sea is still rich in plankton, seaweed, fish and jellyfish which in turn attract large populations of sea birds and marine mammals.

Areas such as Peninsula Valdes and Puerto Deseado congregate unique species as Southern Right whales (from June to mid December), various types of dolphins, orcas, southern elephant seals, South American sea lions, Magellan penguins (from late September to March), and various species of cormorants, among others. All of these areas are ideal for birdlife viewing and sailing, together with some mountain bike and hike in the lower Chubut River Valley. Moreover, along the Chubut River Valley many Welsh settlements can be visited, where the famous Welsh Tea will be ready!

You can visit Peninsula Valdes all year round. Summer season lasts from middle December up to middle March. Whales’ season is from middle June up to middle December.

Bahia Bustamante

Bahía Bustamante is a seaside village entirely surrounded by nature. It is located on the northern arch of San Jorge Gulf, an area characterized by its important biodiversity. There are few places in the world that house such a number and diversity of seabirds and marine mammals.

Since 1952, the village has been exclusively devoted to the harvesting of seaweed. At the beginning, 500 people lived there. They used wagons pulled by horses to collect the crops. Today some 40 inhabitants live in Bahía Bustamante all of whom are devoted to seaweed production, which makes this place world’s unique “seaweed village”.

This place invites you to enjoy a deep blue sea contrasting with red rocks, a petrified forest, sea and steppe birds, sea lions, killer whales and dolphins, guanacos, Patagonian hares, lighthouses, starry skies, aboriginal working areas and cemeteries. And, above all, this remote and exclusive village on the Patagonian seaside offers you somewhere completely different – a place full of peace and safety.

Cabo dos Bahias Provincial Reserve

As soon as you get into Cabo Dos Bahías Provincial Reserve you can contemplate the penguin colony where you can get very close to the animals.

Three kilometers ahead, you can watch from some rocky slopes and see the first Fur Seals colony on the continent. This species has been ferociously decimated for the value of its pelt, and is currently protected by the reserve. These animals shelter from the human presence in Isla Moreno.

The site offers an incredible view of the steppe, and you can also see some guanacos accustomed to visits.

Puerto Piramides and the Valdes Peninsula

Puerto Pirámides is a beach that, with its gentle slopes, is protected by cliffs resembling pyramids, where there are fossilized invertebrates of more than 9 million years.

This narrow strip of land 35 km. long, with its arid soil and the deepest salt marshes in South America, possesses a very important natural resource of international value: the Southern Right Whale (Eubalaena australis). The mating and birth of these huge mammals is seen every year from June to December. Killer whales are more frequently seen between February and May, while dolphins are seen all year round.

Ecocentro House, Puerto Madryn

On one of the shores of the Nuevo Gulf, the Ecocentro House invites visitors to find and see the sea in a different way.

The building, whose architectural style reminds us of the Welsh immigrants, is strategically located on a cliff and looks like a large vantage point into the sea. But not only because it allows visitors to behold it from the large windows but also because each room of the venue shows something about the fascinating sea world.

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